Introducing Bop Tots ‘Shake It!’ Favourites

The first activity for Bop Tots Shake It & Make It Activity Ideas is an introduction to Bop Tots favourite songs that my Bopper’s love at our ‘Shake It!’ classes each week. (including the links to where you can find them.) Singing our Hello Song – Photo Courtesy of Pondering ParenthoodHello Song by Funfit (Amazon, YouTube)Each week we start the class with our waving hands and singing our hello song.We wave hello and point to our friends followed by a “big hello, small hello, a high hello and a low hello”Jump & Shout by Kids Now (Amazon, YouTube)After we have said hello to everyone it is time to warm up our bodies with lots of jumping and swaying.Bubble Pop by Nay Nay (Amazon, YouTube)We just love bubbles at Bop Tots and the Bubble Pop song is such a great one to dance to while popping lots of bubbles!Bubble & Bubble & Pop! 1,2,3 don’t let the bubbling stop!

It’s Time To Clean Up by Kim Mitzo Thompson (Amazon, YouTube)Once we have had lots of fun bopping and have had a little play and snack during our social time it is time to tidy away all of the equipment. Maybe try this song at home and see if they will tidy the house as well as they tidy at Bop Tots!Goodbye Song by Funfit (Amazon, YouTube)Finally it is time to say Goodbye with our waving hands, followed by a big round of applause for all of my Boppers.Goodbye, goodbye to you & you & you!Let’s Get Shaking!