Spray Bottle Art/Painting

So the summer holidays are upon us! Are you looking forward to the 6 weeks or dreading how to keep the kids entertained?

Fear not Bop Tots to the rescue! As well as Bop Tots Family Fun sessions which are running through August, I will be posting up 1 activity a week through the holidays for you to try at home with you little ones.

First up is a ‘Make It!’ activity with Spray Bottle Art!

This is perfect to do in the garden in the hot weather (although typically it is raining today!) and a great activity to develop hand-eye co-ordination.You will need:

  • White paper
  • Cut out shapes/silhouettes
  • Spray bottle
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Blutack

  1. First cut out your shape/silhouette and with the blutack stick to you white paper.
  2. Fill your spray bottles with a mix of water and paint, be sure you mix it in well.
  3. Place your paper outside on the floor spray away! (We tried pinning the paper up on the easel and it didn’t work as the paint just dripped down.
  4. Let your paint dry then peel off the silhoutte/shape.
  5. After we sprayed our shapes we then went hunting around the garden to see what else we could find and used some leaves to create some more spray art.

What design will you do? Rabbit, Ice cream, Cat, Princess, the list could go on!

Let’s Get Making!

Spray Bottle Art/Painting
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