Garden Soup

A great activity to encourage your little one to explore the garden & have fun gathering ingredients to make Soup.

You Will Need:

  • Bucket/Tub
  • Water
  • Stick or Wooden Spoon
  • A collection of items from the garden

Fill your bucket or tub with water and then go off on a hunt around the garden for your ingredients, add them as you go and then give them a big stir. Once ready you can serve it up in bowls/plates.

A few ideas of ingredients are:

  • flowers
  • leaves
  • bark
  • sand
  • soil
  • grass
  • feathers
  • pine cones
  • acorns
  • twigs
Garden Soup
Stirring Garden Soup
Garden Soup Served






What can you find to make a nice delicious Garden Soup?

I love to see what you get up to at home, if you enjoy Bop Tots activities please feel free to tag @boptots on instagram.

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