Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about joining us in class but are unsure about a few things, here are our most frequently asked questions.

Q. How long is the class?

The class is 1 hour long with 30 minutes activities followed by a 30 minute social time with refreshments included.

Q. Is it ok for Siblings to attend?

Yes of course, I am more than happy for siblings to join in and even offer a sibling rate.

Here is what my customer Lynzi said about bringing siblings to classes: ” Bop Tots classes are perfect for mixed ages, my two are 4 & 2 and both equally get so much enjoyment from the singing and dancing and also enjoy mixing with smaller ones at class too. In our opinion boptots is ACE.”

Q. How much are classes?

Pay as you go bookings are £5 with siblings £2.50 (non-participating siblings under 1 are free), if you would like to pay for the half term upfront then you receive a discount reducing the weekly class fee to £4.50.

Q. Do I need to book?

Yes, spaces are limited to 15 children each class so booking is essential to ensure there is a space for you on the day.

Q. Do I have to commit to a block booking? What if I come once and don’t like the class?

I offer 2 booking options so you are welcome to book into 1 class to see how you get on. I do offer a half term course at a discounted rate if you would like to book a block of classes.

Q. How do I book onto a class?

Please book online via my booking system, during booking you can choose to pay via card or choose to pay offline via bank transfer or cash on arrival at the class.

Q. I can no longer attend, how do I cancel?

If you can no longer attend, please cancel your booking online via your email confirmation or via email (

Refunds cannot be given once payment has been made but pay as you go tickets cancelled before 8am on the day of the class can be transferred to another date (tickets may only be transferred once).

If you have booked a pay as you go ticket and do not attend without informing Bop Tots by 8am you will be will be charged the full class fee and invoiced via email to pay by card within 7 days of the missed class.

Q. Where are classes held?

All Classes are held at Lincoln Hall, The Fairland, Hingham, NR9 4JG

Q. Is parking available at the venue?

Yes, there is a large car park at the hall for plenty of cars and it is free to park.

Q. What if no-body talks to me?

Bop Tots is relaxed and everyone is welcome to attend classes, it isn’t just for mums but dads, grandparents and other carers too.

Here is what my customer Laura said: “I worried about no-one talking to me but Bop Tots was so friendly and Karen always makes new people few comfortable.”

Q. What if my child doesn’t take part in the activities?

Bop Tots is very active and is not your typical sit down in a circle class so most of the time the children are fully engaged as the activities move on quickly but I am understanding and relaxed if the child wants to let of some steam and run around (at the end of the day they are still little and should be able to run around if they would like).

The hall is very safe so if they would like to run off around the hall, it is fine to let them without the need for chasing after them.

Q. Will I be pressurised in to doing things and making a fool of myself?

Absolutely not! I am the one at the front prancing around encouraging the child and probably making a fool of myself (but I love it!), however I do encourage you to participate in the activities are they are great fun and your child will get the most out of Bop Tots if they see you joining in.

Also I have had a lot of the adults say it is brilliant for them too and is like an exercise class it is so active so you can use the time keep active & fit too!

Q. Do you offer parties?

Yes, please take a look at my Party Information for the packages on offer and the areas covered.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to Contact Us.