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Do you feel that when your little ones get bored or have too much energy things tend to go crazy & you can’t think clearly?

That moment when you are standing in chaos & your mind goes blank of how to engage them & burn off some energy – right then you feel like you are drowning!

Don’t worry it happens to me too & I have tons of ideas 💡 tucked away, I just can’t always recall them in the chaos!

Even though I built The Bop Tots Club, I use it regularly to entertain my 2 girls –  I either pull up the Bop Tots At Home Music Videos or scroll through bonus activities for inspiration.

If you need a little help to keep your little one entertained when they are full of bouncing beans, then get bopping &

Join The Club!



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What is The Bop Tots Club?

It is an online members area where you can enjoy Bop Tots in the comfort of your own home.

It is jam-packed with videos of our favourite songs from classes plus lots of new ones too & you can access this on demand for only £5.80 per month. There is no contract – you can cancel anytime plus you can receive a free 7 day trial to try it out.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own instruments & props at home I have a little ‘Make Your Own’ section in the club so you can still join in with the fun plus lots of bonus activities & printables too designed to help release some of your little ones energy without screens.

How can The Bop Tots Club help me?

As a parent I know it can be difficult to find the time to think about play ideas, especially if your little ones are going crazy! 

You can use the Bop Tots At Home music videos to let me entertain your little one for a little bit – you can choose to enjoy a playlist for a mini Bop Tots session or you can choose from the individual songs. 

Or you can enjoy an activity together & find inspiration with the bonus activity ideas & printables – there are ideas suitable for all the family & whatever the weather!

Toddlers need to be physically active for 3 hours per day & The Bop Tots Club can help you to provide this through dancing & active play.

It is important that your little one is physically active every day to encourage healthy growth & develop, by allowing your little one to be active through play activities throughout the day ensures they get their recommended daily quota & also has lots of benefits for their health & development.

Development Benefits

~ Strengthening muscles & bones & improving posture

~ Improving stamina

~ Developing balance, flexibility & co-ordination

~ Improving Sleep

~ Promoting relaxation & stress relief

~ Developing Gross Motor Skills

~ Learn about their bodies & the affect of their movement & actions.

~ Improving listening, concentration & thinking skills

~ Encouraging self-care & healthy lifestyle routines



Unlimited Access

£5.80 Per Month
  • Bop Tots At Home Music & Movement Activity Videos
  • How To ' Make Your Own' Props & Instruments Section
  • Bonus Activity Ideas & Printables
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • No Contract - Cancel Anytime

Gift Membership

Have you got a little one’s birthday coming up & not sure what to buy them? My 3 month Gift Membership to The Bop Tots Club for £17.40 is perfect to keep them entertained at Home during & after Lock-Down.

Want More Information?

Here are all my Frequently Asked Questions ……..

Activities are aimed at toddlers & preschoolers but are enjoyable for children in Reception & Year 1 too. A lot of the activities are also suitable for babies on the move, & are tagged ‘Suitable For Tiny Ones’

The activities are designed to use minimal resources & those that do need props can be found at home or easily made – instructions in our ‘Make Your Own Section’

£5.80 per month to receive unlimited access to all of the Bop Tots At Home Music Videos plus the bonus activities & printable within the members area. 

Payment is by credit or debit card, processed by Stripe ( . Your card will be charged 7 Days after you sign up to become a Bop Tots Club Member once your 7 Day Free Trial Ends. The membership is an ongoing subscription service & renews automatically each month on the same calendar date of your 1st payment

No, there is No Minimum Contract, you may cancel Your Premium Subscription Anytime. 

You may cancel your membership at anytime, by emailing Bop Tots will respond with an email confirming your subscription cancellation date no later than 5 working days from the date we receive your email request. Your cancellation date will be the next renewal date following receipt of your cancellation email and on this date your membership will expire.

If your membership has expired, you will have the option to renew your premium subscription or downgrade to the free membership when you next login to your account,

If you are having trouble logging in you can reset your password. If you are still experiencing issues please Get In Touch.

You can redeem your Gift Membership at – please complete & submit the form. & you will receive an email within 24 hours confirming that your membership has been redeemed which includes all of your login details.

Yes, the plan is to continue to offer The Bop Tots Club to compliment my Classes.

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