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The Joy of Books & How To Inspire Your Little One to Love Reading

World Book Day is nearly here and books are so important for our little one’s development. Unfortunately in the world we live in technology is our go to but you can’t beat holding a book in your hands and reading the a story straight from the page. Jemima Tash from Puddle Duck Books has a few tips on how to inspire your little one to love reading and learn all about the Joy of Books.

Is it really worth attending Mother and Baby Groups, Classes and Events? – Yes it is!

Becoming a mum can be a pretty lonely journey, this is why advice and support in motherhood is so important and where mummy friends come in.

How do you find them? – Attending Mother and Baby Groups, Classes and Events and here’s why it is so important from Serena Fordham – Founder of Mums Empowerment Movement.

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