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Bop Tots at Home – Movement Songs

Movement Songs & Activities - Bop Tots at Home

Let’s have some fun moving our bodies to the music with our Movement songs!

Enjoy Bop Tots at Home and bop along to some of our favourite movement songs.

Let’s go walking by Sticky Kids

  • Move around the room and follow the directions.
Go backwards

Jack In The Box by Judi Cranston

  • Let’s be Jack in the boxes and jump out of our boxes. Crouch down and sing along to the song, count to 3 then jump out!
“Jack in the box, Jack in the box,
crouching down low,
Count to 3 and open the lid,
off we go,
1,2,3, wee!”

No More Monkeys by Asheba

  • Jump up and down like monkeys on the bed and count down as each monkey falls off the head and bumps his head!

The Wiggle Song by Spring Harvest

  • It’s time to wiggle those bodies and freeze when the song tells us to. Don’t forget to wiggle you hands, legs and head as well as your bottoms!
“Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle & Freeze!”

Animal Boogie by Barefoot Books

  • Let’s take a stroll through the jungle and do the ‘Animal Boogie’. What animals will we meet and how will they move?
Shake – Bear
Swing – Monkey
Stomp – Elephant
Flap – Bird
Leap – Leopard
Slither – Snake
Sway – We are!
Let’s have some fun and get ‘Bopping’ at home!


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