Let’s get our fingers ready and have some fun singing some of our favourite finger play songs!

Enjoy Bop Tots at Home and bop along to some of our favourite finger play songs.

Hickory Dickory Dock by Tumble Tots

  • Use your arm as a clock and move it to the ‘tick tock, tick tock’ then each time use your other hand to run the mouse up the clock and do the following actions.
“The Clock Struck ………”
One – Mouse runs down
Two – Mouse goes Boo!
Three – Mouse goes Weeee! (like a slide)
Four – Mouse says “No More!”

10 little bumblebees by Kim Mitzo Thompson

  • Let’s count the bumblebees with our fingers and don’t forget to ‘buzz’ the bees around once you get to 10!

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer by Kids Now

  • Let’s get our 5 fingers ready for our little men in their flying saucers and follow the actions.
Count down from 5 to 1 each time through the song
“Flew around the world” – Fly your men (fingers) around in a circle
“They looked left and right” – Point and turn your head left and right
“But they didn’t like the sight” – Shake your head and finger
“So 1 man flew away” – Fly 1 man (finger) away.
Repeat 4,3,2,1

Tommy Thumb by Mary Carpenter

  • Where are all of our fingers hiding, can you find them all?
Tommy Thumb
Peter Pointer
Toby Tall
Ruby Ring
Baby Small
& Fingers All

Incey wincey spider by Mary-Ann Campbell

  • We love the traditional Incey Wincey Spider Rhyme at Bop Tots with this funky background music. Let’s put your hands together to make your spiders.
“Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the water spout,
down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Own came the sunshine and dried up all the rain,
and Incey Wincer Spider climbed up the spout again!”
Let’s have some fun and get ‘Bopping’ at home!
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