Shake It! Activity Ideas

Ideas for Music & Movement activities to do with your little one at home.

Teddy Bears Picnic Themed Songs - Bop Tots @ Home

Bop Tots at Home – Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic Day is on the 10th July, let's celebrate with some Teddy Bear themed songs. Enjoy Bop Tots ...
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Shakers & Bells - Bop Tots at Home Activities

Bop Tots at Home – Shakers & Bells

Let's have some fun with our shakers and bells! Enjoy Bop Tots at Home with your shakers or bells and ...
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Bop Tots at Home – Dance Scarves & Ribbon Streamers

Let's have some fun with our dance scarves and ribbon streamers! Enjoy Bop Tots at Home with your dance scarves ...
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Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Our last activity idea for the Summer Holidays series is a 'Shake It!' & 'Make It!' activity - make your ...
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Pavement Chalk Challenge

Next up is a Shake It activity and will probably take you back to your childhood! It is a pavement ...
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Dance Painting

Next up is a 'Shake It!' activity and making the most of the nice weather, we are doing dance painting ...
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Introducing Bop Tots ‘Shake It!’ Favourites

The first activity for Bop Tots Shake It & Make It Activity Ideas is an introduction to Bop Tots favourite ...
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