Make It! Activity Ideas

Ideas for Arts & Crafts activities to do with your little one at home.

Fruit & Vegetable Printing Activity

I hope you have all settled back in to the school runs etc and enjoying the start of Autumn? It ...
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Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Our last activity idea for the Summer Holidays series is a 'Shake It!' & 'Make It!' activity - making your ...
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DIY Slime

Next up is a 'Make It' idea to keep the kids entertained this summer and this is perfect for a ...
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Nature’s Paintbrushes

Our next activity is a 'Make It!' one and we will need to go on a little hunt around the ...
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Spray Bottle Art/Painting

So the summer holidays are upon us! Are you looking forward to the 6 weeks or dreading how to keep ...
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