Fun & active classes for you & your little one to enjoy together!

Bop Tots classes are 1 hour long & suitable for children 1-5 years old. At every Bop Tots class the children will be welcomed with our ‘Hello’ Song followed with 30 minutes of activities. The remainder of the class is a relaxed social time, refreshments are provided & the children will be able to play with each other & explore the balls, hoops & bean bags while their carer’s socialise.

Bop Tots offers the following activity classes:

‘Shake It!’ – Music & Movement

Bop Tots ‘Shake It!’ classes, focus on movement to music. Starting with a quick warm up, we then have lots of fun with active and energetic activities – dancing, singing and using various instruments (bells, shakers, drums, rhythm sticks) and props (scarves, flags, bubbles, puppets, parachute) incorporating them into our movements and allowing the children to express themselves through the music and their movements.

Music & movement is a fun way to develop children’s self esteem, gross motor, social & listening skills. They can       learn about others, themselves & how to express their feelings in a fun & energetic class.

‘Make It’ – Arts & Crafts

Bop Tots ‘Make It!’ will theme crafts around music/songs. Starting by singing and dancing to one of Bop Tots favourites, then spending time crafting around the chosen theme using various resources & materials (paint, clay, junk modelling & natural materials) allowing children to be creative, expand their imaginations and develop this into their craft.

Arts & crafts is a great way to develop children’s concentration, problem solving & fine motor skills. They can learn how to follow instructions, focus on their actions to create a masterpiece and also a sense of accomplishment.


Bop Tots classes are split into 2 age ranges to ensure your little one can get the most out of the class.

Tiny Boppers is for children approximately 1-2 years old.

Mini Boppers is for children approximately 2-4 years old.


Age ranges are approximate for each class and siblings are welcome to attend. If you are unsure which is the best class to attend please Contact Us for advice.

For more information please visit the following pages:
Class Fees, Class Timetable & Class Documents